Making Changes to Flash Games on your PC


Flash games use Adobe Flash player from the browser on your PC to run. Children love these games because they are easy to play and understand. The tricky part is altering a flash game when you get stuck. It is also difficult to complete some games. Learning to alter a flash game will help you enjoy playing them. 

The first step in making changes to a flash game is to find suitable software. There are two well-known software-cheat engine and flasm. You can easily find the software on an internet search. Search engines like Mozilla Firefox have an unplug add on that makes using the software easier. Internet Explorer and Opera also have fewer processes and will make downloading easy compared to Chrome. You need to download one of the two software on your PC to make alterations to the games easily. Put the folder of the software on the desktop.

The second step is to go to the page with the game on your browser. Right click on the page and click unplug. Find the game and save it on the folder of the software. Go to start, choose all programs- accessories, command prompt and open a command window. You will find the command prompts 
Cd desktop
Cd (the software)
The software.
A list of options will appear. Type
The software (flasm for example)-d GAME1.swf>GAME1.txt
Go to the folder of the software in the desktop. The game will appear in a notepad file. Open the file. 

The third step in changing the Flash Game is to press control-f on the keyboard and type what you want to change in the find tool. If you want to change lives in the game type lives and the number of lives you want to change. If you want to change money type the change you want to make. Once you change the value, save the file. Go back to the command prompt. Type in the software name (cheat engine for example) Cheatengine-aGame1.txt. A message will appear to say that the process is complete. Go to the software folder. It will show
Click on the Swf file to complete making changes to the flash game. Ignore the $wf. File. You can now start playing the game. 

These three simple steps to make changes to flash games will help you enjoy playing the games by customizing their values according to your specific requirements.