Fireboy And Watergirl: Detailed Review


Fireboy and Watergirl is a fun game most likely suitable for kids. However, if you are an adult and still want to play the game, there is a chance you may never stop playing once you begin. Especially since this game may remind people of the Dandy games from our childhood. Remember Super Mario Bros?

This flash game can provide you with amusement if you are eager for time to pass. If you are tired of serious things and just want to distract yourself, give this game a try; however, be careful of the time you spend on the game because it can pull you in.

Description and Features

The Fireboy and Watergirl games has nice animation and enjoyable music. The distinctive feature of this game is that you can play for two characters simultaneously: the boy and his sister. You can move them in turn by using “WSAD” —keys for Fireboy and arrows for Watergirl.

You can call yourself a virtuoso if you succeed in controlling them both at once. Alternatively, you can just find a partner and it will be even more fun, though the game itself makes you feel like you have company.

The Fireboy and Watergirl series currently has 5 installments, but there is a rumor that the 6th edition is coming soon.

The Gameplay

To win the game, both heroes need to get out of different gloomy places. On their way, there will be a variety of obstacles: pits, doors, evil enemies. There are many quests to solve and dangers to avoid.

Fireboy is afraid of pits with water; Watergirl needs to jump over pits with lava. Each of them will gather bonuses in pits that are safe for them only, and to open doors they will use a lever.

If something goes wrong and you are trapped in a pit, your character will die and you will hear unpleasant music. On the other hand, if you win, you’ll get champion status and a prize.

This game falls under the genre of quest and adventure, meaning you will have to think a lot. Elapsed time will be displayed and the sooner you complete a mission, the better your skills and status.

The farther along you move in this game, the harder it becomes. Fortunately, you can find superpowers, bonuses, and hidden doors in order to become a superhero.


In the game, you always run upwards. You are tasked with conquering evil places and getting to the normal world. Because this is tough to do, you will need both characters to effectively complete the game. Despite that our two heroes are opposites, they need each other to survive.

They can pass through each other and not harm one another. Although both have different interests in life, they are brother and sister and work as one team; it’s not a love story. They are innocent friends.

In Conclusion…

If you decide to help those kids, go ahead. You are their leader. They need you. Don’t forget the true power in unity. Just get them to the normal world safely. Good luck!