Fireboy And Watergirl: Detailed Review

Fireboy and Watergirl is a fun game most likely suitable for kids. However, if you are an adult and still want to play the game, there is a chance you may never stop playing once you begin. Especially since this game may remind people of the Dandy games from our childhood. Remember Super Mario Bros?

Smartphone Flash

How To Play Flash Games On Smartphone

Having flash games available to you on your computer is amazing. You have a whole website full of games that you can play for free anytime that you want to. This is a great thing to have when you are bored, you can play any type of game that you want to an it’s all

Save Flash

How To Save Flash Games To PC

Flash games are a fantastic way to try out and play a bunch of unique and new games that you would never pay for. It’s not that you don’t like to buy games, but you are worried about spending money on a game that you might not like. Flash games make it so that you

Firefox Flash

Why Does Games Want Firefox Update Flash

Having the ability to play any game that you want to play online for free on your computer is amazing. It’s a luxury that people used to not have. Used to you either had to pay to play these games or your computer wouldn’t be the fastest and wouldn’t run the games even if they


Making Changes to Flash Games on your PC

Flash games use Adobe Flash player from the browser on your PC to run. Children love these games because they are easy to play and understand. The tricky part is altering a flash game when you get stuck. It is also difficult to complete some games. Learning to alter a flash game will help you